Mifab HydroMax - The siphonic roof drainage experts in USA, Canada and Mexico

In January 2016, Mifab and HydroMax teamed up to bring the Mifab-HydroMax siphonic roof drainage system to the USA, Canada and Mexico markets.
Bring HydroMax market leading products through Mifab's manufacturing and distribution channels with in-house experts and support team, Mifab HydroMax is the iphonic Roof Drainage system of choice.

MIFAB HydroMax - the new leaders in North American siphonic drainage

We are pleased to announce that from 18th January 2016, HydroMax™ is now being manufactured for supply to USA, Canada and Mexico by Mifab Inc. .

This is a tremendous partnership which will drive forward with promotion and support of the Mifab HydroMax product offering.